I have had the pleasure of meeting the Brazilian actress Laura Linn through the producer Andre Frauenstein, who I’ve worked with in many productions at Phoenix Films. We recently finished filming in South Africa The Furnace, my latest movie in which I’ve directed and co-wrote. Laura has shown so much effort and passion for this movie. She worked so hard to get ready for her character, losing 16kg in only 3 months because it was needed for the role she portrayed. She made such an impressive and huge transformation physically and emotionally for Rafaela, her character in the film. I was absolutely amazed by her extraordinary perfomance since day one and how much passion, truth and personality she puts into her work and brings her characters to life.
I can state without any fear of contradiction that Laura Linn is among the top handful of actors I’ve ever worked with and Ms Linn has without any question risen to the absolute pinnacle of achievement in her chosen profession. In addition to his breathtaking skills as an entertainer, Laura Linn was previously invited to study at the prestigious school The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where a selection of notable past students graduated such as Jessica Chastain, Robert Redford, Lauren Bacall and Adrien Brody. And she also wrote and published an autobiographical book, Into the Furnace, that tells her journey as an actor.
— Darrell James Roodt - Academy Award Nominated Director
I’ve know Laura for more than 5 years and I can say she is a true artists, very passionate, hard working, thoughtful, extremely sensitive and a person of great integrity. Laura graduated at the prestigious acting school The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2016. She recently worked with the Award Nominated Director, Darrell James Roodt in the feature film The Furnace, shot in South Africa earlier this year (2018). Her drive, passion and strength of character led her to play one of the principal roles in the movie.
Laura also published a book about her journey as an actor. The book is called Into The Furnace and is available for purchase worldwide. She is just 26 years old and her accomplishments are a testament to her undeniable talent.
— Flavia Amon - VP of Creative Advertising at Fox Searchlight Pictures
Laura was one of my most dedicated students. She is driven and sensitive and approaches the work with excitement and curiosity. Over the course of the academic year, Laura made great progress in gaining awareness of her breath, body, and vocal resonance in order to be fully present in her acting. She also made strides in the diction and dialect work. She is committed to her own process; determined to improve and grow even when the work challenges her academically and personally. She was also an enthusiastic supporter of her classmates. Her warm and attentive nature greatly contributed to the strength of the ensemble in our classroom.
— Becca L. McLarty - Faculty member at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Marymount Manhattan College, and Pace University.
I met Laura Linn while I was in Los Angeles doing an acting program at The New York Film Academy. It was an absolute pleasure to get to know Laura and see all that she has accomplished so far. I was so impressed with her American accent and her extraordinary acting skills. I can say without a doubt that Ms. Linn is among the best actresses ever to have emerged from Brazil, her magnificent talent and outstanding work made her acquire an international reputation working with the Oscar-nominated director, Darrell James Roodt in the movie The Furnace by Phoenix Films. She also did many important commercials while in Brazil and plays in NYC at the prestigious acting school The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Laura Linn is a rare talent whose body of work stands alone in its brilliance.

As a Brazilian actress as well, I have such admiration and respect for her.
— Danielle Suzuki - Brazilian Actress, Model and TV host.
In casting for the TV Pilot called “3 Seconds Before Dying” that I directed, we searched extensively for Brazilian actors that can speak English with an American accent and Laura Linn is one of the few in our entire country that can do that and that has reached an international recognition. I was incredibly moved by Laura’s outstanding performance. Her dedication, charisma, sensitivity and talent surprised not only me but all the crew that was in this project. I have worked with many incredible actors throughout my career and I can say that I was absolutely blown away by Ms. Linn performance. 
— Paulo Nascimento - Brazilian Director, Producer, Writer and Partner of Accorde Filmes production company.