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With Jamie Bernadette, Laura Linn and Luthuli Dlamini

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Status - Pre-Production

Studio - Valhalla Productions

Director - Darrell James Roodt

Producers - Andre Frauenstein, Samuel Frauenstein

Screenplay - Darrell James Roodt

Genre - Adventure/Inspiration

Language - English

Anticipated Release Date - Second Quarter 2018


The rich green pine forests of Oregon are the spectacular setting for a grueling ultra- marathon, especially for the just-married MARY HARRIS and her husband. Mary is a lean and mean running machine, who pushes herself with incomparable fierceness. While driving to the airport to embark on their honeymoon, Mary and her husband are hit by a car due to poor visibility from the smoke of a nearby grass burn. Her husband is killed and Mary is injured.

A year later we find Mary is a ghost of her former self. Not only did she lose her husband, but she has been incapacitated by the loss of one lung. She is forced to drag around an oxygen cylinder and breathe from a mask. She is haunted by the guilt of her survival.

She yearns to run again and compete at the highest level so that she may come first and somehow put these terrible ghosts to rest once and for all. But, in her present condition, that seems to be an impossible task.

Or is it?

The Furnace is the extraordinary story of Mary's recovery and her literal race to the finish line in the most demanding race of all- The Furnace, a 500km race through the harsh beauty of the Kalahari Desert.

Assisted by the most unlikely of allies - a grave digger from Africa - we follow Mary on a series of heart stopping adventures to redemption.